Lama glama

The Llama is part of the South American Camelid family alongside the Alpaca (domesticated), Vicuna (wild) and Guanaco (wild).

They are widely used in South America as meat and pack animals.  They are also very effective at protecting livestock against predators and are popular as pets.

When fully grown, llamas can reach up to 1.8m tall at the top of the head and weigh up to 80Kg.  They are strong animals and can carry approximately 25-30% of their body weight for up 8 miles.

Very social by nature, llamas must live as a herd.

There are 2 types of llama and these are the Ccara, which is the most commonly seen in the UK, and the Tampuli.  The Ccara has short to medium length fleece on the body and very short fleece on the legs and the Tampuli has fleece on the body with consistent length extending down the legs.  The Tampuli also has a wooly ‘top knot’.

Lifespan – 12-25 years

IUCN Conservation Status – Not listed (Domesticated)


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October 11, 2014