Sus scrofa domesticus

Pigs originated from the Eurasian and African continents.  The domestic pig, also known as swine, is now widely farmed for its meat (pork) and are sometimes kept as pets.  Breeding stock are often shown at agricultural shows and are graded on their suitability in providing premium meat.

There are many different breeds of pig and their size and colouration is dependant on this.

Pig are omnivores and enjoy a variety of foods.  They typically spend a long time foraging for food and a lot of their day sleeping.

They are very intelligent animals and can be trained to do certain tasks.

A mature male pig is called a Boar, a mature female pig is called a Sow and a baby pig is called a Piglet.  A group of domestic pigs are called a Drift.

Lifespan – 5-20 years dependant on species (Pet)

IUCN Conservation Status – Not listed (Domesticated)


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September 2, 2014