Animal Adoptions

A thoughtful gift for someone special

Adopt one of our resident animals! £30

We offer a wide range of animal adoptions that can be purchased in store or over the phone. Take a look at which animals you can adopt from the photos below.

Please speak to a member of staff at Reception, give us a call on 01386 833083 or email [email protected] to arrange a purchase.

 Once adoptions are purchased, an adoption pack will be posted. Adoption packs* include: an adoption certificate, fact file about your animal, photo of the animal adopted, 1 free entry pass, magnet, keyring and pen/pencil.

Animal adoptions last for 1 year, and we will also send an email update about your animal within that year.

*Contents may vary

Terms and Conditions for animal adoptions.

  1. Animal adoption packs may vary.  2. Adoptions are valid and will remain on our records for 12months from the date of purchase. 3. In the case of your adopted animal’s death or movement to another collection, you will be contacted and may transfer your adoption to another animal of your choice for the remaining duration of your adoption. 4. Interaction or encounters with your animal is not included in your adoption. 5. Multiple people may adopt the same animal. Therefore, a purchase of an adoption does not mean that you are the sole adopter of that animal.