Plenty for kids to do

Would you love to get hands on with our animals here at All Things Wild or see what our animal keepers get up to on a daily basis?  Then we have an animal experience for you!  Why not become a ‘Keeper for the Day’ or enjoy a ‘Meerkat Encounter’??

Please enquire for more details or see our ‘Wild Experiences’ page.


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New In 2014

We added lots of fun additions to our Nature Centre in 2014


Lots of new animals

We have added some new additions to our nature centre this year including Fennec and Corsac Foxes, Skunks, Meerkats, Coatis, just to name a few…!

Barefoot Walk

Our sensory barefoot walk is fun for all ages!

Indoor Beach

Our indoor beach means you can play in the sand whatever the weather is like outside!

Dino Barn

Step through time in our dino barn where you can learn all about ancient life forms in the deep seas, through the age of the dinosaurs and finish at the ice age.  Be sure to come face to face with our giant Wooly Mammoth!