What's on Daily?

Activities on our itinerary…

These are some of the activities that we run at set times, to add fun to your day. Take a photo of our itinerary screen on entry, to make sure you don’t miss out!

All are included in your entry price!

Outback Trail – walk through with our Australian birds and Wallabies!

Lemur Walkthrough– walk through our Red Ruffed Lemur enclosure!

Animal Encounters – meet some of our smaller resident animals. Will they be scaly or fluffy?

Dino Land Train – ride around our Step Through Time dinosaur experience on our land train!

Fossil Finding – pan for shark teeth or discover lots about fossils in the Dino Barn!

Arts & Crafts

Meet the Farm Animals – pet smaller farm animals like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chicks!

Keeper talks – meet some of our favourite animals and learn lots about them from our experienced keepers!

Bug hunting (seasonal)

Please note:  This is an example of some of the activities that may run, not all activities run daily. A timed itinerary for the day is at the Reception on entry.