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11 Years Of All Things Wild 

All Things Wild reaches its 11 year milestone! 

On Thursday 6th April, 2023, All Things Wild had its official 11th year anniversary!

Opening in 2012 with the aim of providing an all-weather, year round family attraction and allowing people of all ages to enjoy the amazing things that nature can bring. We try to offer a diverse range of activities that suit all ages and encompass the values we hold; that while animals are a great way of educating, they should still be treated with respect and care. For this reason, we aim to keep the animals in an environment that is closest to their natural habitat as possible.

To offer a diverse experience, All Things Wild has a Step Through Time Dinosaur Experience, equipped with a dinosaur land train venturing around the inner part of the dinosaur field, and a path around the outside to make sure you don't miss any! As well as this, our Dinosaur Barn give you the opportunity to learn all about dinosaurs & fossils, and give you the opportunity to get up close to the ever popular Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops that remain 'Frozen in Time'. 'Monsters of the deep', our prehistoric CGI aquarium, is staged at the entrance of the Dinosaur Barn.

With many outdoor play areas dotted around the park, a small and large indoor soft play area, an indoor beach, a café and a seasonally opening ice cream parlour, All Things Wild really offers everything to make the perfect day out.

"We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone of 11 years of All Things Wild being open. It's been an incredible journey, and we are grateful to our dedicated team and loyal visitors who have supported us throughout the years. We look forward to continuing to provide a fun and educational experience for families, while also promoting conservation efforts and fostering a love and respect for all animals and the environment."

Rebecca Harris, Owner of All Things Wild.

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