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Buzzing Bee Weekend! 

🌻🐝 Join us at All Things Wild for an Un-BEE-lievable International Bee Day Celebration! 🐝🌻  

Hey there, nature enthusiasts! It's time to celebrate the tiny, buzzing heroes of our ecosystem on International Bee Day! Join us at All Things Wild for a day filled with BEE-tastic activities that will create a buzz of excitement!

Bee Spotting: Grab your magnifying glass and embark on a fascinating adventure to spot various bee species around our beautiful park. Learn about their habitats, behaviours, and the vital role they play in pollination.

Bee-Themed Crafts: Unleash your creativity with bee-themed crafts! From DIY bee masks to colorful flower bookmarks, we have a range of crafts that will make your imagination take flight. Let's make some buzz-worthy masterpieces together!

Bee Hotel Making: Help our buzzing buddies by building bee hotels that provide safe nesting spaces. Learn about the different materials bees prefer and create your very own bee-friendly habitat. By making bee hotels, we can encourage these important pollinators to thrive in our local environment.

Come along with your family and friends for a day filled with fun, education, and appreciation for our amazing bees! Remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring your curiosity and enthusiasm!

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