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Litter Picking For Nature in the Neighboorhood 

Helping out around Honeybourne.  

On Sunday the 18th of September 2022, the All Things Wild team ventured around Honeybourne on a mission to collect as much litter as possible.

Equipping Hi-Vis jackets, litter grabbers and a strong morale, the team split into groups of around 3-4 people and scoured the village. After just a few hours of litter picking, we had filled our bags and made a massive difference to the streets of Honeybourne. When all of the team had regrouped, we weighed the bags and calculated that in total, we had gathered the same weight as 52 Ring Tailed Lemurs!

Along with our previous Conservation Academy, this is one of many activities we are going to be undertaking to get stuck into our Nature in the Neighbourhood campaign. With this campaign we are looking to promote the incredible diversity of living creatures and their habitats in our local area and to encourage people to join together to support and enhance these within their neighbourhood. If you would like to learn more about our campaign, follow this link below.

Since the 1960’s, we have experienced an almost 500% increase in littering. Rubbish that is mindlessly thrown on the floor is having a serious detrimental effect on plants and animals. Not only is it a direct threat to many creatures’ health, but it can also harm/destroy their habitats. 

Further actions within our Nature in the Neighbourhood campaign will include activities that are based towards rebuilding and creating new habitats for creatures, and we would love for you to come along and join us on this mission to make nature great again!

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