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Little Gardeners Club 

Growing big imaginations, one seed at a time! 

All Things Wild's Little Gardeners Club is providing children with the opportunity to learn about the environment and the importance of gardening in a fun and interactive way.

The club, which is after school on Tuesday's, meets twice a month and offers a range of activities, including planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, and exploring the wildlife in the park.

According to All Things Wild's Education Manager, Victoria Faller, the Little Gardeners Club is a great way to inspire children to appreciate the natural world around them. "We want to give children the tools and knowledge to become responsible stewards of the environment. By teaching them about gardening and the importance of biodiversity, we hope to instill a love of nature that will stay with them for life."

The Little Gardeners Club is led by an experienced member of our education team who has a passion for teaching children about the natural world. The club also encourages children to get their hands dirty and engage in hands-on activities that promote creativity and critical thinking.

"We want to provide a safe and supportive environment for children to explore their curiosity and develop a deeper understanding of the natural world," said Faller. "We hope that the Little Gardeners Club will help inspire the next generation of environmentalists and gardeners."

The Little Gardeners Club is just one of the many educational programs offered by All Things Wild, which is committed to promoting conservation and sustainability. Through these programs, All Things Wild hopes to create a more environmentally conscious and responsible society.

To learn more about All Things Wild's Little Gardeners Club and other educational programs, visit their website or contact their education team.

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