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The main man himself, Santa, is looking forward to seeing you on your visit and deciding whether you will be on the naughty or nice list this year. If you’re on the nice list, then hip-hooray you get to choose a present from the toy store when you leave! Santa will leave you in the questionably capable hands of some of his most important elves whilst you are in Twinkle Town…

‘Glitter-Bottom’, the Elf, has just been promoted to Head of ‘North Pole Mission Control’ but has got in a right muddle! Glitter-Bottom will need all the help they can get to make sure that Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve goes off without a hitch!

‘Eggnog’ is Santa’s cheekiest elf and can often be seen sticking her tongue out, knocking down other people’s snowmen, throwing snowballs and photo-bombing pictures with Blizzard, the Polar Bear. She is under strict instructions to behave herself and is being closely monitored by Head Elf ‘Jolly Jingles’ as to whether she will be on the Naughty list this year (again!).

‘Sleigh-bells’ is the elf in charge of Santa’s stables, looking after the famous sleigh, the bells and the magical Reindeer. Rudolph and the crew need the perfect mix of food, which you can prepare and take home to ensure that the Reindeer are refuelled whilst they are waiting for Santa to come down your chimney on Christmas Eve!

‘Sugar-Plum Mary’ has a bit of a sweet tooth and thought what better to sell in the post-office than sweets and marshmallows (mainly so the elves can eat the stock!). Elf coins and £’s are the accepted currencies in Twinkle Town. Her friend, ‘Bright Buttons’, the Elf, is quite the inventor and made ‘Santa’s Super Chute’ meaning you can post your letters to Santa even quicker when you visit the Twinkle Town Post Office.

‘Twinkle Toes’ is Santa’s head gardener elf and has a very important job of making sure the ‘Christmas Tree Nursery’ is thriving. Every year, it is asked that children that visit Santa plant a magic star that will magically and rapidly grow into a Christmas tree! These trees get planted in Santa’s Garden and are used to keep the Christmas cheer all year round.

Which elves will you meet on your visit?

Meanwhile, the remaining elves and Merry Berry have been very busy around the rest of the park awaiting Santa’s arrival.

‘Merry Berry’ is the sweet old lady that lives next door to Santa and bakes lots of sweet treats for him and the elves. Santa couldn’t bear to be away from her baking whilst he was gone so decided to bring her along to teach you how to decorate a fun, festive treat! Yummy! She also likes to relax by reading Christmas stories to young children, whilst sat in her rocking chair knitting a new winter scarf.

‘Mc’Sprinkles’ and ‘Mc’Sparkles’, the elves, have put up jokes to spread festive cheer, recreated the nativity scene, made the Gingerbread characters feel at home on Candy Cane Lane, helped Kannuk our Reindeer tell her story, and made the whole place feel fun and festive for all the family.