Striated Caracara


Phalcoboenus australis

  • Native to: The Striated Caracara is native to Argentina, Chile, Isla Grande de Terra del Fuego, Isla de los Estados, Navarino, Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands. In the wild, the Striated Caracara would be found in lowland areas along rocky coastlines and low coastal mountains.
  • Diet: The Striated Caracara is a carnivore and their diets consists of eggs and chicks of seabirds, invertebrates, crustaceans and the carcasses of birds, penguins and furseals. They also prey on weak domestic livestock.
  • Lifespan: 25 years
  • IUCN Status: Near Threatened. It is a protected species in the Falkland Islands, making it illegal to kill it.
  • Fun Facts: Also known as the ‘Johnny Rook’, this bird of prey shows very little fear of humans and is very clever and curious. Breeding season for this species is planned to coincide with the nesting season of seabirds to ensure plenty of food is available for their young.  Females will lay up to 4 eggs in a nest of twigs and vegetation lined with grass and wool.





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October 30, 2018